Hi, I'm Jon Haste and I live and work in York, in the UK. All Print No Play is a project I started, hand carving and printing relief prints of animals that are endangered or facing extinction across the globe. I'm inspired by nature and its beauty and am motivated to create prints that capture some of the amazing creatures that share this planet with us. I hope that my work excites and informs and possibly inspires people to take steps to protect the environment around them, and preserve its incredible beauty for future generations; it’s their’s after all. 

I am committed to working in a responsible and sustainable way, using water based inks and trying to limit the carbon footprint of my work and the delivery to the owner as much as possible. Part of the money made from sales of my prints also goes to supporting organisations working to prevent species loss in the UK.

I hope you enjoy the work, and if you'd like to say hello I'd love to hear from you.